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N&S : Complete Your Payroll Quickly and Accurately (Prairie)

Share your experience, network and learn from other participants in a virtual round table how other organizations handle completing your Payroll quickly and accurately with free tools. Discussion topics may include but are not limited to: Run and manage your payroll more easily with tools that will do the math quickly and accurately hence assuring compliance and all the while helping you stay on top of ever-changing rules and rates. A brief sampling of the tools that will be explored include PDOC, WinRAS, Automobile benefit, Statutory Holiday calculators and the much sought after Termination calculator. Enjoy a full 50 minutes of walk-thru examples of numerous FREE tools that can also prove to be excellent resources for payroll verification and audits.

Start Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (MT)

This session will be presented online by Carmen Grayson, CPM, FCPA

This session will be held virtual via Zoom. Registrants will be provided the information to attend 1 day before the session. 

Mountain Time Zone
Registration not available.